Immortal Fears

Twenty authors, twenty gods, twenty stories that will chill, thrill and kill you. The Gods of the Pantheon present their first anthology of halloween stories. The time for Samhain draws near....

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Immortal Loves

Greeks had words for different types of love. The first was Eros, or sexual passion, the fiery, dangerous, irrational side of love, the kind that could take hold of you, could consume you. The second was Philia, or friendship, a form of deep comradery, often shared between brothers in arms, emphasizing loyalty and sacrifice. The third was Ludus, or playful love, taking place between playing children or casual lovers. The fourth was Agape, or selfless love, a love that extended from family to strangers. The fifth was Pragma, or long-standing love, the elderly couple kissing in the park, or holding hands on the beach. The final was Philautia, self love, as the old saying goes, you must love yourself before you are capable of loving another…

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Immortal Tidings

For this year’s winter solstice, Nyx is hosting a soiree in the far north. As in, the North Pole. It is as neutral a place as she could possibly find, and she reached out to a dear friend of hers to help set up a venue, who was all too ready to accommodate. Noel Klaas is one of the sweetest beings she had the pleasure of dealing with in all her years. When she came to him looking for a space for the solstice soiree, he immediately offered up his Snowflake Estate and all his staff that came with it.

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Titans Rising

Atё turned slowly, her smile still in place. “Oh, I know. Cataclysmic events, if I’m not mistaken.” Her smile dropped before she went on. “At least that’s what you promised, Kronos.”
Long brawny arms slipped through the bars as he leaned closer, golden eyes met hers as he responded, “Yes, yes I did. Now release us so we can give our family a proper reunion.”

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