Immortal Fears

Twenty-one Authors. Twenty-one Tales. One Beast of a Book.

New Orleans, LA, USA, August 29, 2020 – Rewritten Realms, LLC is delighted to announce the release of their inaugural anthology – Immortal Fears, featuring twenty-one talented writers of the online magazine (

What started a year ago as in-character banter as greek gods. who have returned to the material world, has quickly turned into an amazingly successful experiment in collaborative story-telling. In one short year, this creative bunch of indie writers have already produced 957 stories by 40 different authors. Two stories are published each day and are provided free of charge to the reader on their online magazine

The anthology was the next logical step in the publishing journey. Immortal fears carries through the theme of Greek deities retelling their tales and setting history straight in this spooky, Halloween collection that answers the question, “What do even the gods fear?”

“It’s an amazing accomplishment that in only a year’s time a community of writers could come together like this. Sharing a unique vision for storytelling, a passion for learning the publishing process, and a desire to see their names in print. From start to finish, an incredible achievement.” said Michael Fisher, President of Rewritten Realms, who also writes under the Pen Name Michael Z. Ryan in the anthology.

Immortal Fears is available in both digital and print via all major distributors. Media inquires about Immortal Fears, Rewritten Realms, or should be directed to Laura L. Fincannon, Marketing Director, 

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Rewritten Realms LLC was founded by indie writers for indie writers and the readers who will love them – if they can just find them. Our goal is simple. We give creatives a supportive community, learning environment, and tools to hone their craft then provide a platform to tell their stories and make them available to the world through our online magazine and publications.

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